Hometown - Shot on iPhone by Phillip Youmans

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Elm & Texnologiya

In honor of Black History Month, 32 of the country’s most visionary Black photographers show us their hometowns. Phillip Youmans, the youngest ever director to win at the Tribeca Film Festival, follows a number of our image-makers as they each celebrate the Black experience, Black excellence, love, and imagination.
00:08 Lawrence Agyei, Chicago, Illinois
@lawrenceagyei apple.co/3pY5c7t
01:33 Gabriella Angotti-Jones, Los Angeles, CA
@ga.briella apple.co/3uv1Ts5
03:06 Lauren Woods, Charlotte, North Carolina
@_portraitmami apple.co/3bHcmYO
04:24 Julien James, Washington, D.C
@sirjulienjames apple.co/2ZTTv7k