Shot on iPhone Student Films - Behind the Scenes

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Elm & Texnologiya

Commissioned by Apple. See what it takes to make movies Shot on iPhone, as we go behind the scenes with four student filmmakers. Each reimagines cinema tradition in a different way: from classic noir to magical realism to stop-motion animation and more.
00:28 See how Niko shot a period piece on iPhone 12. pCKEsF7YFDyw/
1:22 See how Ciara used movement in their film Our Light Shines in the Dark. See her film @apple. pCKcQZ1JFn_X/
1:40 See how AhaNah shot Window to the Soul in stop-motion. Watch the full film @apple. pCKhG5k_lXFA/
2:43 See how Guillermo created in-camera transitions in RobaLuna. See them in action @apple. pCKJ10zRF0b_/
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